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Quesnel Fur and Feather Association

Fur and Feather Association

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Thomas Christen
AFP. Director
Phone: 250-992-8461
Linda Leary
AFP. Alternate
Phone: 250-992-8084

The Fur and Feather Association utilize the Exhibition barns located behind and to the west of the Agri-Plex. There are 9 barns - three that are situated side by side and six joined by a central hallway. Each barn is 16' x 32' with six joined barns covering an area of 80' x 80' and the three side by side barns covering an area of 56' x 32'.

The Fur and Feather Association are a small group who demonstrate the care required for small farm animals and in some instances, exotic birds. They hold demonstrations and experiences to have hands-on opportunities to hold a rabbit or chicken and learn about the care necessary of having these animals. A wonderful experience for children and adults alike.

You need not be living on a farm to be involved with our group.
We Welcome New Members.