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North Cariboo Gymkhana Society

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Lindsay Brunt
Phone: 250-747-2778
Jennifer Hohmann
Vice President
Phone: 250-992-9227
Our club holds weekly Gymkhana Events at Alex Fraser Park starting JUNE 14th  Our dates will be found the AFP calendar this years as they are staggered. Events events/ Dates are subjected to change for weather, low volunteers and wild fire/smoke or facility needed for evacuation center

Early registration  has yet to be decided. WAITIGN FOR COVID PLAN APPROVAL.

Riding starts at 6:00 pm, please arrive early to register. 

We are fortunate to have excellent facilities at the Alex Fraser Park. We hold our event in the outdoor arena. In case of poor weather the indoor arena may be used if it is available. Each week  we hold 3-4 events for a variety of classes from lead line to adult. We start with barrel racing and then proceed to pole bending and then either thread the needle, flag race or the dash. along with many other timed events. We end our season with a Fun Day for all involved. Our club’s main focus is on children having fun and learning better riding skills and to always promote safety! Encouragement in the form of a second run to build up a child’s confidence and/or help train a horse is not unusual. Our adult members are from beginners to experience competitors they enjoy the opportunity to train and maintain their horse in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Please check our calendar or our Facebook page for exact dates, any schedule or location updates and registration information.

All members must have their 2023 HCBC insurance and be a NCGS club member to participate. Members 18 years of age and younger are required by insurance (HCBC/ Capri rule book and club policy to wear a BSI or ASTM approved and properly harness and fitted Riding Helmet. There is no exceptions to this rule.

Please see our Facebook for updates and information